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Welcome to Connected Parenting, your online portal to all the information you need to ditch the 'perfect parenting' approach and start enjoying your time connecting with your little people. Connected Parenting is all about helping parents to connect with their kids with confidence, reduce anxiety and pressure around the 'right' way to do things and start enjoying their time with their kids more.

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Connected Parenting provides online courses covering key areas of the parenting life cycle. 

These comprehensive, learn-at-your-own pace courses give you access to videos, audio and research covering the core areas of development, creating a securely attached child and how to navigate milestones as a parent or grandparent. 

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Genevieve, a social worker, grief specialist, parent educator, qualified facilitator and Mum of four boys specialises in helping parents and grandparents to create a close bond while also increasing confidence in setting boundaries and providing the security children need to feel safe.
Private and group sessions available.

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Did you know that rewards, punishments, time outs, sticker charts, and copious amounts of praise do not work?

Many parents are grasping at different strategies, not really sure whether what worked for their parents will work for them in a very different world.

There isn’t a modern roadmap or how-to guide that works for all and this leaves many parents asking ‘what does work?’

Research shows that children who have a secure attachment with at least one adult do better at school, enjoy greater physical health, and go on to have more intimate, fulfilling, and enduring relationships through life.

In essence, this is everything we want for our kids.

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AND THEN THERE WERE TWO introduces you to everything you need when preparing or introducing your older child to your newborn.


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There's a LOT out there when it comes to parenting advice and education and, quite frankly, it can be extremely overwhelming. 

Genevieve is passionate about reducing information overload and condensing the key, actionable strategies to connection. 

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Jenny & Matt, Ryde

Where to begin with what a difference you made Gen to our transition home with out first baby. Our story was complex as our first baby was stillborn and so the emotions when expecting our second baby (but the first we would take home) were complex. Gen’s class at the Mater just made such a difference to us. We realised so much of our babies behaviour we were worried about was normal and common and started to get a picture of how to set ourselves up for success with self-care and going slow. Thank you Gen your class was really so helpful for us.

Karen, St Kilda

Thank you gen for your speech at the ‘Ultimate Mothers Group’ I loved more than anything the point you hit home that you can’t form a bad habit before 12 weeks.  So, So SOOOO many times I have heard put the baby down because you will spoil them, let them put themselves to sleep, don’t feed to sleep. Thanks for the reminder that it’s ok to love them our way!!!

Michaela, Newtown

I saw Gen privately though the Mater after the birth of my second baby and the session with her was so helpful. Gen talked about attachment, connection, boundaries and it all helped us know what to do to make sure our older boy didn’t get jealous when we brought home the baby.  The best bit was getting an understanding how to introduce the baby and toddler for the first time, with gens advice the whole thing went so much better than we thought and we were so grateful for the help as we were really anxious about it in the lead up.

Guest Speaking & Group Education

Parent educator at the Mater hospital in Sydney, Genevieve specialises in assisting with some of life’s big transitions - help with newborn babies, the adjustment from one to two children, two to three children and beyond. Genevieve provides guidance on infant and child development, connection with our kids and parenting in today's environment across larger healthcare groups and within corporate environments.


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These comprehensive, learn at your own pace courses give you access at any time to videos, audios and documents that covers the core areas of development when reaching these milestone moments as a parent or grandparent. 

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